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Welcome to Pukka Junk the home of Recycled and Reclaimed creative products. All our products come with a 100% money back guarantee, just return item undamaged and we shall refund the purchase price immediately


Recycle and Reclaim

This collection of rings were made by reclaiming then recycling 'Old Sterling Silver cutlery' and other Sterling Silver objects that were disgarded. They were then melted down and fashioned into stunning modern style rings and given a new lease of life


Ring collection

 Recycled silver is just a small part of what we do

Look at all the other Recycled and Reclaimed products we make - new items are being added every week


  • Leather laptop and i Pad bags made from Reclaimed Leather Settees , Old Leather Car Seats and Lorry Tyre Inner Tubes
  • Lorry Tyre Inner Tube shoulder bags
  • Leather shoulder bags made from Reclaimed Leather Armchairs
  • Leather jewellery made from Recycled and Reclaimed Horse Bridles and disgarded Leather Handbags
  • Sterling silver rings made from Recycled Sterling Silver cutlery 
  • Sterling silver earrings made from Reclaimed Old Silver melted down
  • Wash bags made from Reclaimed Fire hoses
  • Carpet bags made from Reclaimed carpet off cuts
  • Laptop bags made from Reclaimed lorry tyre inner tubes
  • Lorry tyre inner tube jewellery made from Recycled lorry tyre inner tubes
  • Funky jewellery made from Reclaimed paper, pencils, rubbers, bicycle chains, feathers, etc, etc
  • Houseware items such a coat hooks made from Reclaimed drift wood and EPNS and Silver cutlery
  • Bowls, clocks, bags and jewellery made from oldvinyl records
  • Out door planters made from used  industrial conveyor belts
All our products are reclaimed items, that were unloved and past their use by date. We then lovingly care for them, clean them up and design a product around them. Some years ago we made bicycle tyre belts,  we were always throwing away the inner tube, until we were given a lorry tyre that had a large and very strong inner tube........That was the day the Tyre Inner tube Laptop bag and jewellery were born.
We only keep product current for a maximum of 12 weeks and we never make more than 2 rings that are alike. Laptop bags are sometimes available in different colours.
We have an ethos that ' Ideas are more precious than gold' so we are always coming up with new ideas and using New Reclaimed and Recycled product so our ideas are fresh and also we are helping our planet. Our pricing is  structured to give the purchaser tremendous value for money and a unique item to love a cherish for many years.

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