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What is Pukka Junk ?

Pukka Junk is a one man band that creates , designs and makes a vast range of products from material that has been reclaimed, unloved and unwanted, then we recycle them into items of Jewellery, Lovely Bags, Fun Housewares and much more.

The fun element is never too far away, with such items as pencil earrings and bicycle chain bracelets.  Our basic aim is to give  everybody who visits Pukka Junk either via the web or at  craft fairs ,  ideas,  from 'Cast Off's '.Great items can be made to be admired and worn with pride.

We believe that to help our Planet survive for another 2,000 years we must control our waste and recycle, recyle and recycle. Just because our products do not carry a brand name, does not make it inferior, infact you will be owning a unique product, a '1' off. I make all my items myself in Norfolk, unlike those branded products who mass produce theres  from the 4 corners of the world.

With Pukka Junk you know it's pedigree All Hand Made in Norfolk and Recylced, it has that strong character feel, you have done your bit and also wear and use a great piece of innovative 'Art'

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